EHR Selection – Making the Right Choice…Once

Selecting an EHR system is a critical decision and a significant planning task.  Navigating the maze of EHR Selection requires patience, persistence and perseverance. There are literally hundreds of EHR vendors out there today, and choosing the right certified EHR system is a key step in getting started down the path towards successful implementation and reaching meaningful use.  In the selection of a certified EHR System it is important that the hospital or physician practice follow a process that gives them the tools and insight to make the right selection decisions and support successful implementation.  The vendor selection decision will place the hospital or provider in a long-term, close relationship with the vendor.  It is of critical importance that this be the right decision.

HTCS’s expert consultants work collaboratively to understand the unique fabric of our clients’ organizations. We craft comprehensive solutions toensure your vision becomes a reality. Our team takes the time to understand and leverage organizational culture, hierarchy and internal customer dynamics. This insight then proves to be invaluable in generating commitment, enthusiasm and adoption of key initiatives.

How do you know which EHR System is right for your hospital or practice?  Where will you find the time to research them all and still maintain patient care? What if you select the wrong vendor?

HTCS consultants can help with the following EHR Selection Phases:
  • Assess Current State of Operation
  • IT Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Design Comprehensive Requirements and RFP
  • Evaluate and recommend vendor
  • Negotiate Vendor Contract

EHR Implementation – The Road to Meaningful Use

EHR implementation or upgrade is one of the most important projects your organization will face.  You want to get it right – once.

The EHR implementation itself will vary depending upon the expectations and needs of the organization, but usually incorporates information about software and hardware updates, expected timeframes, chosen methods of training accompanying the adoption, cost estimates, distribution of labor and responsibilities and workflow changes, among other factors.  The goal is to provide a specific and organized plan of attack in order to account for the many decisions and factors that contribute to an EHR implementation or upgrade.

Managing expectations, minimizing scope creep and accounting for everything that could go wrong is a formidable task.  How can you do all of this and still maintain exceptional patient care?  What if you go over budget?  What if the implementation fails?  What if you implement but don’t achieve adoption?

HTCS Project Management Professionals provide the following EHR Implementation solutions:
  • Technological Readiness for implementation or upgrade
  • Extensive portfolio of certified project managers with platform-specific experience
  • Experience with major EHR/EMR providers (McKesson, EPIC, Cerner, AllScripts, GE, MediTech, athenahealth, etc.)
  • Experienced System Implementation
  • Identification of project gaps and risk factors
  • Clear data conversion, application and testing of processes and criteria
  • Project rescue


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