Protect.  Detect.  Resolve.

The Healthcare and Health Services industry vertical became the No. 1 target for cyber attacks last year, according to an IBM cybersecurity report.

Five of the eight largest healthcare security breaches so far this decade – those in which more than 1 million records were compromised – took place during the first six months of 2015, according to the report.  More than 100 million healthcare records were compromised last year.

Technology has transformed the way you do business for the better. However, you must ensure your technology is secure, and constantly monitored, or your data and business will be at risk.

HTCS provides the Cybersecurity Consulting you need to prevent data loss or theft from:
  • Computer viruses and malware.
  • Unauthorized access.
  • Email hacking and spamming.
  • Data breaches.
  • Accidental deletions and human error.
  • Natural and manmade disasters.
With Our Round-the-Clock Remote Monitoring We Can:
  • Detect and prevent intrusions.
  • Handle patch management and upgrades.
  • Perform security assessments and audits.
  • Respond to emergencies to prevent downtimes.
  • Ensure that your data is stored securely and protected at all times.
  • Confirm that your files are always backed up and recoverable.
Regulatory Planning & Remediation

No matter what business you are in, you will eventually be audited. It could be a general technology audit or a domain-specific audit – HIPAA, 340B, OSHA, PCI, etc. Regardless of the type of audit, HTCS will help you prepare – from reviewing government and industry standards to coaching your internal teams and providing quality assurance, HTCS can keep you ahead of the curve and make sure you are ready.  We also conduct independent third-party audits, as well as assist with post-audit remediation efforts, when necessary.


The modern mobile office has greatly increased our productivity.  Mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes, and there is a growing trend toward combining personal devices with business functions.  Today’s professionals expect to be able to to leverage this integrated technology, both at work and on-the-go, seamlessly.

HTCS will help your hospital, practice or business integrate these devices onto your network in a safe and secure manner, enabling both the current and future generation of productive mobile professionals.

Working closely with your team, we can help you:
  • Defend against advanced persistent threats
  • Detect anomalies using big data security analytics
  • Achieve data governance, risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Enhance security architectures and operations
  • Secure mobile devices, cloud, data center and networking across your organization