Assess.  Define.  Plan.  Execute.

HTCS technicians and consultants bring a combination of critical thinking, creativity and structured process to inform innovative and effective solutions.  Whether the need is for packaged software, custom developed solutions, or for design and architecture services for IT infrastructure or cloud solutions, HTCS can help.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes:

IT Roadmap

What makes our solution unique?  We look beyond just incident management and focus on the bigger picture and what’s most important to you.  An HTCS ITSM expert will work directly with your team to develop a comprehensive technology roadmap that is intended to serve as the long-term strategy to guide your organization on its journey to a service-oriented, best practice-based IT organization.

The roadmap will outline the following:

  • Delivery phases and timeline
  • Process focal areas and priorities
  • Key stakeholders involved in each process area
  • Ongoing training needs
  • Annual objectives and milestones

The end product will be a comprehensive roadmap specifically tailored to your company’s unique needs based on our initial assessment and our understanding of your primary objectives to becoming an outstanding service delivery organization.

What’s more, you’re not left on your own to figure out how to actually implement the proposed changes.  We are with you every step of the way and can even provide targeted ITSM consulting and training services as needed.

Virtual CIO

Our virtual CIO includes a complete management services package designed to lead your IT efforts and take responsibility for your IT strategies and investments.  You work with a senior level IT executive that is familiar with leveraging technology to reach your business goals.  In just a single meeting, you benefit from HTCS’s longstanding experience operating in diverse IT environments.  We manage and participate in performance accountability, business review meetings, IT strategy assessments and recommendations, technology roadmaps, policy review, and advisory services.

Infrastructure Planning & Design

HTCS consultants evaluate your current IT infrastructure and learn about your business challenges.  We determine where you are, and where you need to be.  Our IT Assessment is completed at the service level you need for:

  • Complex IT Architecture
  • IT infrastructure and environment
  • Short-term IT challenges

An IT assessment will help define your goals and priorities and align your IT initiatives with your strategic business plan.  You will learn how we assess, define, and plan your IT needs based on your business direction.  We establish a plan to work one-on-one with your management team to develop a strategy for implementation.

Audit Readiness

No matter what business you are in, you will eventually be audited.  It could be a general technology audit or a domain-specific audit – HIPAA, 340B, OSHA, PCI, etc.  Regardless of the type of audit, HTCS will help you prepare – from reviewing government and industry standards to coaching your internal teams and providing quality assurance, HTCS can keep you ahead of the curve and make sure you are ready.  We also conduct independent third-party audits, as well as assist with post-audit remediation efforts, when necessary.

Process Development

HTCS consultants help you choose the right business processes and systems to attain your business goals.  We review and analyze your current business processes in order to create a comprehensive plan aligning IT infrastructure and software platforms with an improved workflow.  As we understand your challenges, we design solutions that improve efficiencies, streamline your processes, and strengthen your business to operate at a superior service level.  We work with you to select and implement software and IT solutions that fit your budget.

In the HTCS approach to business process and systems consulting, we understand your workflow and we identify redundancies and unproductive practices.  We prioritize cost-effective business solutions that are specific to your needs—solutions that optimize workflow.  We work to improve products and processes.

HTCS will help you be competitive in the marketplace for your products and services, reduce operation and overhead costs, and stay current with technology.  We address the complexity and growth of high-impact technologies: analytics, cloud computing, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and mobility.  We execute a plan so your business will realize immediate and measurable results, and we leverage process management to help you decide where to innovate.